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Integra Global Management
Integra Global Management


We can present a multitask and dynamic work team with a wide experience in this market. Each of our staff members feels comfortable as Technical Advisor. Besides they have been working for different kind of companies as contractors, designers, developers, that gives them a global view of the business giving our services an added value.  

We allocate one team per Project. Each of the team members are carefully chosen in order to fulfil with the objectives of the projects awarded to us. We feel confident that our performance will be developed meeting the different deadlines required and under high quality standards. We can say that our team members will be available from the first day being active until the end of the project.   

Each work team will cover from the very first stages of the project as feasibility studies, conception design to the last stages as Facilities Management, Operation and Maintenance monitoring. We can say that our team members have been involved in different size projects.

We have developed different procedures, risks and costs assessment software that can be applied to each project. These tools combined with our wide experience allow us to be ahead of the projects.