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Integra Global Management
Integra Global Management



Integra Global Management is formed by senior professionals who come from the Architect and Engineering sectors including certified Project Managers. Their knowledge and experience in different projects have been combined resulting on a specialized team inTechnical Financial Advisory for different customers, such as Banks, Investment Funds, Developers, etc.

Being aware of the complexity of most of the projects due to the wide range of agents involved in them our people will take action considering our client’s needs looking for its satisfaction.


Our main Target is to become an important tool for our client while making together the decisions to achieve its goals. This is the result of a continuous assistance while monitoring the different Project phases.

Therefore we will apply the measures, methods and procedures to minimize the possibilities of losing the control of the Project to make possible the achievement of goals.


  • Análisis InicialDue Diligence
  • Dirección Integrada de ProyectosProject Management
  • Consultoría en Colaboraciones Público Privadas (CPP)PPP & PFI Consultancy
  • Monitorización de Proyectos Project Monitoring
  • Gestión del Mantenimiento yExplotación de InmueblesFacilities Management


  • Asesoría de ModeloFinancial Model Advisory
  • Asesoría de Demanda (Tráfico, Caudales, Colegios, etc.)Demand Advisory (Traffic, Water Flow Advisory, School Demand Studies, etc.)
  • Ingeniería de Valor Value Engineering
  • Gestión de Inversiones y Activos Inmobiliarios Real Estate Management
  • Asesoramiento en proyectos y activos de Energías Renovables (Biomasa, Biogas, Fotovoltaica, Termosolar, Eólica) Renewable Energy Consultancy (Biomass, Biogas, Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Wind)